Pharma Blogging:
Speaking Out

For an industry that has often been perceived as unwilling or unable to engage directly with its customers, blogs offer Pharma companies the opportunity to connect with its communities of interest in a less formal manner than traditional media channels have allowed. Pharma blogs also provide companies with the means of expressing their own opinions on stories that concern them, as well as presenting the possibility of entering into a productive, trust-generative dialogue with their readership. However, despite many potential adjacent benefits, few Pharma companies have elected to experiment with the blogging format to date.

This report shares the learning of those industry experts who have perceived and acted upon the value of blogging to their companies, with participants sharing their personal experience of planning, implementing, and maintaining a Pharma blog. The expert panel discusses the strategic value of the blog to their organization, the identity of their target audience, the content offered, and the tactical considerations taken into consideration. The report concludes with a summary of the participants' expectations regarding the future of Pharma blogging, and advice for those within the industry who may also be planning to launch a blog on behalf of their own company.

Pharma Blogging: Speaking Out features Pharma blogging pioneers Greg Kueterman (Eli Lilly), Tony Jewell (AstraZeneca), and Marc Monseau (Johnson & Johnson).

Featuring a contextual introduction, detailed subject insights derived from original interviews with the participants, and a concluding section offering advice from the expert panel for those considering launching a Pharma blog, Pharma Blogging: Speaking Out is required reading for all those interested in What’s Next in contemporary healthcare communications.

The report includes:

  • Extensive expert insights from leading Pharma bloggers
  • Comprehensive explanations of the strategic planning and operational workflow supporting three of the leading Pharma and Healthcare blogs.

Key quotes from the report:

Marc Monseau, Director, Corporate and Media Relations, Johnson & Johnson

In some cases, a Pharma company blog may primarily be a place for the company to explain its position on a variety of subjects. In other instances, it could serve as a venue for one or more of the company's thought leaders to describe their thinking around a disease state or research approach. Ultimately, a corporate blog affords people within a company the opportunity to have a voice.

Greg Kueterman, Director, Corporate Communications, Eli Lilly

LillyPad brings visibility in a way that we may not otherwise receive it. Whilst we enjoy good relationships with the media and other stakeholders, the blog offers direct access to some specific audiences that may or may not read the media stories, and allows us to have conversations with them in a timely manner. Through Lillypad, our audience has the opportunity to review and comment on our perspective on current topics every day if they so wish, and we consider that to be a huge benefit.

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Publication date:
 March, 2011
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Key Features

  • Contextual introduction introducing the state of Pharma blogging
  • Step-by-step best practice summaries of Pharma blogging tactics
  • In-depth analysis of the strategic purpose of Pharma blogs, the content they publish, and how they measure their success
  • Conclusion reflecting on possible futures for Pharma blogging, and recommendations for those within the industry who may be considering publishing a Pharma blog.

Content Highlights

  • Strategy
    > Why did your company create a blog?
    > What is the blog's strategic purpose?
    > What in your opinion is the primary purpose of a Pharma company corporate blog?
    > For whom is your blog written?
  • Content
    > Who is involved in the creation of your blog?
    > What type of content is included in your company's blog?
    > Are there any areas the blog does not currently address that you think it could?
    > What considerations do you bear in mind in creating content for a global audience?
  • Tactics
    > What tactical considerations are most important in managing the blog?
    > What Search Engine Optimization activities are undertaken in support of the blog?
    > To what internal processes must the production of the blog's content conform?
    > How are the blog's comments managed?
  • Measuring Success
    > How do you measure the blog's success?
    > What does the blog do well, and what have been its greatest triumphs to date?
    > What do you believe accounts for the blog's popularity?
    > What issues has the blog faced?
  • Regulation and Guidance
    > Why do so few pharmaceutical companies blog?
    > Can you envisage there ever being a proliferation in the number of blogs a company maintains, or are we destined to continue to see 'one company, one blog' presences?
  • Conclusion
    > What is the future of the pharmaceutical company corporate blog?
    > What advice would you give to those considering starting a Pharma corporate blog?